When is fortnite coming out for android?

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When is fortnite coming out for android? Fortnite mobile was announced just few days ago and it appeared a good numbers of battle royale fans dash to pre-registration to get to play the fresh version of the game. From then, its developer Epic Games has delivered calls to rather some gamers who have been capable to get engaged through their iOS device. Still the game is in the early period and similar as the original version of the game, through it will contain weekly updates.

Fortnite mobile
Fortnite mobile

But, lots of android device owners have been still expected to be surprised by this game and seeking to know when the game will be launched for wide range of android devices. You may also interested to know it, so when does Fortnite come out on Android devices –

At present Fortnite mobile will only be offered for iOS11 running devices, representing that it doesn’t work on Android devices. If you are android device owner, you can register for the mobile version of Fortnite although you have to wait until the game officially came for android platform. Epic Games hinted that it may take couple of months to release it officially for android phones. On official website of Epic Games there is a note that claimed ‘We expect to release for Android in the next few months.’

If you are Android gamer then just register for the game and it will inform you whenever it available for Android devices.